A day #withpaper

Paper products are called upon to meet the needs of daily life.  All around us, we rely on paper through much of our waking day.  Some of these products are so needed that they can be taken for granted.  Life would be much different without paper products, so it is worth looking at many of the ways paper plays a vital role in our lives.  Think of the ways your day unfolds #withpaper.

Many Americans wake up and start their day with their morning coffee.  Whether you brew your coffee at home using coffee filters or k-cups, or stop at your local coffee shop to grab a cup to go - you’re morning coffee is possible #withpaper.                          


Whether you leave your house with a briefcase, book bag, purse or satchel, chances are good that paper is inside:  from review documents and work projects to last night’s homework, shopping lists or items to put in the mail – your day starts #withpaper.           


At work, more times than not meetings require paper documents to review and submit for approval.  A meeting with clients often begins with an exchange of business cards and probably examples of your work – on paper.  While electronic forms of communication are definitely a part of the business culture, paper is as well.  Many of us dash out to grab a quick lunch to take back to the office, which often is able to be securely transported in a paper bag. Stop to look throughout your day all the times and ways paper comes to you and from you. Your job is performed #withpaper.


At school, students are learning in numerous ways, which still involves paper.  Parents know the pride of seeing class work, art projects and other examples of their children’s progress come home in tangible, paper form.  Children develop by learning to write letters and numbers and evolve into progressive forms of math, reading comprehension and many other subjects.  Your children learn and expand their horizons #withpaper.

After a full day at work, a quick stop at the store is needed to get items for the next few days.  Look at the carton of milk; the box of cereal, frozen food, and crackers among others; the wrap around meat from the butcher; and many other items - safely packaged in paper and paper-based packaging.  Preparations are made for the weekend cookout by getting paper plates, napkins, paper towels and cups.  And, those items can all be taken home in recyclable paper bags, which hold three-times the goods of plastic. Your meals are provided #withpaper.



Once home, the positive impact of paper is inescapable. Maybe you decompress with a cup of tea, courtesy of paper tea bags. Perhaps you get to browse and shop through the catalogue received in today’s mail, or you open the box of goods that just arrived.  It may be time to change the air filter in your home HVAC unit. Parents will appreciate the advent of disposable diapers and wipes to ease the messes that are to come with small children.  Spill something on the counter or floor?  Paper towels are there. Need to blow your nose?  Fortunately, you have facial tissue. Have to make a trip to the bathroom?  Two words – toilet tissue. Thankfully, these moments are made easier #withpaper.  

And life just wouldn’t be the same without paper to capture it.  Many of us admire framed picture to remind us of good times past.  A proud father may display a Father’s Day card of construction paper from his son.  A jubilant mother may hang a colorful drawing made from her child’s hand.  The day those children were born is memorialized by the immediate taking of the newborn’s footprints on paper in the delivery room. Couples across the country are married each year and share that special time in the form of engagement announcements and wedding invitations. And after your special grandparent or loved one is lost, their cards and letters are invaluable reminders of the bond you shared.

Paper has long been a necessary component of the lives we lead.  The products provided in paper have evolved and continue to innovate to meet the emerging needs of our society.  So today, take a moment to realize the moments and means by which paper meets the needs in your life.  It won’t take long to realize that life is made better #withpaper.